You could say our site was a bit dated. You’d be right. Our old site really had a mullet (no offense if you still wear a mullet). When it was last updated Facebook didn’t exist and Don Nehlen was WVU’s football coach. Our old site had photos of people smoking cigarettes.  Who does that anymore? It went through 9-11, 2 earthquakes, and the Rich Rod “name which cannot be spoken” era. Our chapter president, Kevin Nodianos was in diapers.  Now he’s changing diapers. Yup, we’ve got those fancy Twitter, Facebook and Google thingies like Mashable and Huff Post.  We’re not trying to be that cool though. We just want to be the source for all things Mountaineers around the Beltway.

We’ll be adding lots of new features and hope to really turn this into a hub for Mountaineers in the DC Area. We’re going to make an effort to post every WVU event in the area right here. In the future, you’ll to be able to renew your NCAC membership, order tickets for the crab feast, sponsor events and donate lots of money. We’ve never been afraid to take your money.  We just want to make it easier!

And if you’re a writer or blogger with something to offer to DC area ‘Eer’s fans, let us know, where looking for contributors.

Image courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/brokersaunders/3523832682/